24 August 2017

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Waiting for the surge

7 July 2017

Nasty claims, depressed rating and historic US liability claims suggest a power (re)insurance market in the doldrums. Not so, as Inside FAC investigatesRead more

‘Forlorn’ hope of energy market reaching bottom

7 July 2017

Despite significant loss activity in the downstream energy sector during the second quarter of 2017, rates in the market have not yet reached rock bottom, according to JLTRead more

Reputation for risk

7 July 2017

One of the hallmarks of the fac market is its ability to spot and nurture new risks, so Inside FAC was keen to chat to Tokio Marine Kiln's nattily titled head of innovation Tom HoadRead more

Shifting sands

12 June 2017

Falling commodity prices and regulatory protectionism have stifled immediate growth prospects across the sub-Saharan African reinsurance market. However, opportunities remain for D&F writers that take a longer-term viewRead more

Agricultural sector guns for parametric cover

12 June 2017

The market for alternative risk transfer products for agricultural exposure received a boost in May with the news that French and Taiwanese farmers have signed up to risk transfer solutions that employ parametric triggersRead more

The $100bn dollar question

12 June 2017

Say what you like about the legacy insurance market, you can't call it dull at the moment. Pro Global's Mory Katz explains why new Rhode Island legislation has shaken up the market and how it will revolutionise the capital efficiency of facultative insurance and reinsurance companiesRead more

The North Wind and the Sun

12 June 2017

While renewable energy projects are fast becoming a credible alternative to conventional power generation methods, Inside FAC finds that the biggest draw for carriers might be the humble batteryRead more

Reinsuring the sacred state

8 May 2017

Will the formation this year of a new state-backed reinsurer upset the facultative apple cart in Russia? Inside FAC takes another look at this dynamic, and sometimes unsettling, marketRead more

Mining for cyber risks

8 May 2017

A recent report by JLT on theft and fraud risks in the mining industry suggests that cyber attacks such as social engineering are a growing threat to a sector already vulnerable to physical attackRead more

Upstream endgame?

8 May 2017

Increased capacity, further competition, falling rates and dwindling premium income continue to characterise the current state of the offshore energy market. Inside FAC asks whether we are any closer to a reversal of fortuneRead more

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