21 October 2017

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The FAC Door

9 October 2017

If Inside FAC were a nation, we hope it would eschew the kind of dog-whistle, lowest-common-denominator politics favoured by some of the more nationalist, inward-looking politicians of the contemporary eraRead more

Mexican standoff

9 October 2017

Amid uncertainty about the scale of insured losses in Mexico from recent catastrophes there remains little consensus about the effect on rates, finds Inside FACRead more

2017 downstream losses approach $3bn

9 October 2017

The prospect of an "immediate correction" to downstream energy rates, which have been on a downward trajectory for several years, now seems likely with insured losses for the year to date approaching the $2.85bn mark, according to JLT SpecialtyRead more

Ready for action

9 October 2017

Sarah Mendola, head of property, Advent UnderwritingRead more

Waiting for the man

4 September 2017

Despite growing approval of medical cannabis use in the US, plus recreational use in a handful of states, an unchanged federal stance has so far kept international (re)insurers at bay, finds Inside FACRead more

Spirited debate

4 September 2017

David O'Keefe, head of facultative certificate and property program business, Munich Reinsurance America, discusses the US fac marketRead more

El Dorado is burning

4 September 2017

Recent cladding-related building fires might suggest big opportunities for fac writers, but rates are burning up in the El Dorado of the Middle EastRead more

No buzzword required

4 September 2017

Inside FAC talks to eReinsure CEO Igor Best-Devereux about the role of tech in the fac and wider reinsurance marketsRead more

Waiting for the surge

7 July 2017

Nasty claims, depressed rating and historic US liability claims suggest a power (re)insurance market in the doldrums. Not so, as Inside FAC investigatesRead more

‘Forlorn’ hope of energy market reaching bottom

7 July 2017

Despite significant loss activity in the downstream energy sector during the second quarter of 2017, rates in the market have not yet reached rock bottom, according to JLTRead more

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