21 April 2018

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Can you dig it?

9 April 2018

While the Samarco loss has mining carriers fighting shy of LatAm liability, the boom in tech metals has opened up new property and BI optionsRead more

Argentine boom-time

9 April 2018

Just over a decade after Brazil opened its doors to competition from international reinsurers, Argentina has followed suit, with President Macri's centre-right government unafraid of reform, as Inside FAC discoversRead more

100 not out: Celebrating 10 years of Inside FAC

9 April 2018

Inside FAC has reached the big one with 100 issues, and we are genuinely delighted to celebrate 10 years of service as the only dedicated publication for the global facultative marketplaceRead more

Policy pusher

9 April 2018

Sean McGovern, chief compliance officer and head of regulatory and government affairs, XL CatlinRead more

Thunderbirds are go!

5 March 2018

SpaceX's launch - and partial return to Earth - of the Falcon Heavy rocket was a majestic technical achievement. Is this a game changer for the niche space insurance market?Read more

Ratcheting up political risk

5 March 2018

Protectionism, North Korea, the rise of the far right... turbulent political risk waters lie ahead, according to MarshRead more

Taming the Lion City

5 March 2018

With international players expanding their specialty operations in Singapore, competition for D&F business with regional carriers is heating upRead more

Farming out FMD risks

5 March 2018

Foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks can prove devastating for the agricultural and wider rural economy, but the risks can be (re)insurable under the right conditions, according to ScorRead more

The FAC Door

5 February 2018

You have to feel sorry for Arsenal fans. The Gooners have just seen two of their best strikers sold off to Premier League rivals, at a time when the club's fortunes are far from being in the ascendancyRead more

Beware of the cyber dog

5 February 2018

Cyber-attacks are a persistent and growing threat, but until recently the fac market has considered itself fairly well insulated. Is this set to change, Inside FAC asks?Read more

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