21 April 2018

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Anxiety risk

20 April 2018

Can't sleep at night? Anxiety and depression weighing upon you?Read more

No means no

9 April 2018

One of the lovely aspects of a stew, as I'm sure you're aware, is that it tends to get better and better if left for a day or two as the flavours develop and intensifyRead more

Nobody’s perfect

5 March 2018

Sometimes size, swagger and downright good looks can get you an awfully long way in this funny ol' life of oursRead more

Climate change

5 February 2018

Well, we're still early into 2018 but who wouldn't begrudge us a little pat on the back after such a turbulent few years?Read more

Fac in business

26 January 2018

It's been a long winter for fac playersRead more

Capital engagement

15 January 2018

Happy New Year! It's the first Inside FAC of 2018 and the first January in several years in which I can honestly say I'm feeling modestly optimistic about the state of affairs of all things facRead more

Good to firm

22 December 2017

In this kaleidoscopic market of ours, broad generalisations aren't exactly helpful, especially when it comes to pricing. Word on the street is that, record cat year or not, stubborn pockets of resistance continue in some quarters, especially for Asian fac risks, where massive decreases (think 30 percent) are actually being sought for some placementsRead more

The distribution game

8 December 2017

Last month the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced the terms of reference for a market study concerning the wholesale insurance broker sectorRead more

No more hard, hard markets

6 November 2017

I was amused by a comment from an old wag the other day about the impact that the extraordinary series of third quarter cats is having on the market, which seems to have left some of our younger brethren rather bemusedRead more

Baden-Baden in style

20 October 2017

Oliver Schofield, managing director of corporate strategy at RFIB, will be donning his racing goggles and juicing up the engine as part of a car rally to the Baden-Baden reinsurance meetings this yearRead more

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