26 February 2017

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Withdrawal symptoms

6 February 2017

Hardly a week has gone by in recent years without a story of some carrier or other diversifying into yet another speciality niche. Accident and health springs to mind as a particular favourite, but really you can take your pickRead more

Quality will out

13 January 2017

It's always good to start the new year with a bang, and the news that Ajit Jain is launching a new fac unit headed by the well-regarded John Gorman is certainly a fine way to kick off 2017Read more

Cannibalism queries

12 December 2016

It would appear that 2016 hasn't been the best of years for the niche aquaculture market which has seen its premium base effectively wiped out following some rather nasty business with an algae infestation in a number of fish farms in ChileRead more

Reasons to be cheerful

25 November 2016

No one said life in the fac lane was going to be easy, and the constant pressure to produce is what keeps us alert. But sometimes it's good to step aside from the daily grind and look at the bigger pictureRead more

Trumpington Towers

14 November 2016

Beyond the shock of how a hairstyle of such magnificence and strangeness could be accepted by the US electorate, we have to seriously ask what the ramifications of Donald's Trump's astonishing victory in the US election might be for the (re)insurance marketRead more

Dead certs

21 October 2016

The company is one of the leaders in its field, employing over 122 000 people worldwide. It is one of the largest chemical conglomerates in the world with a creditable health & safety track recordRead more

Pick a cardů

10 October 2016

Now I appreciate that in writing this I am sorely tempting fate, because as I type away Hurricane Matthew is still barrelling up the Florida coastline...BUT I suspect that the worst fears of the market will be unfounded once the storm dissipates, given that its track moved eastwards, meaning the coastline was spared the worst ravages of its Category 3 central intensityRead more

Tanker turnaround?

16 September 2016

Back from the 60th annual Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous and still recovering. It's a fantastic meeting but the trouble I find is that there is just so much going on and so many great people in attendance it's virtually impossible to do all that you wantRead more

Fairy tales

5 September 2016

Here in EC3 the balmy month of August has come to an end and the clouds are once more in the air. But no matter, for in little over a week we and much of the rest of the market will be decamping to the splendour and sleaze of the Cote D'Azur for the Monte Carlo Rendez-VousRead more

Feeling the benefit

11 August 2016

As a cat-heavy quarter takes its toll on (re)insurers' results, it's consolation for some of those in the primary market taking advantage of rock-bottom reinsurance rates to shore up their loss ratios that their strategic purchases will have taken the sting out of some of those catastrophesRead more

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