24 August 2017

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Death sentence

21 July 2017

Silly season, in journalistic parlance, is about to be upon us, so here's a little joke before we enter the fury of the run up to and the actual madness of Monte CarloRead more

Survival tactics

7 July 2017

Axis Capital's proposed move for Novae is likely to mean the end of a saga that began in the 1990sRead more

Cyber fac

23 June 2017

Dear fac-ster,Some encouraging news this week for casualty fac-ers that US standalone cyber premium last year for direct writers was some $910mRead more

That sinking feeling?

12 June 2017

I write this on the same day that the UK's Prime Minister Theresa May crept back into office with a Conservative parliamentary minority and the support of Northern Irish party the DUPRead more

Blurred lines

19 May 2017

Dear fac-ster,I was flipping through the pages of sister title IQ this week and came across the interview with eReinsure CEO Igor Best-Devereux (who incidentally started his career in Sedgwick Risk Special Services, which sounds to me like some elite unit of the reinsurance market, going into territories that standard infantry units will not touch)Read more


8 May 2017

What a month it's been, with the revelation of the UK Financial Conduct Authority's probe into five aviation brokers certainly getting tongues waggingRead more

Fair treatment?

21 April 2017

We've been fairly hectic here this week working alongside our brothers and sisters in arms on The Insurance Insider with the revelation that that five aviation brokers were visited by the UK's FinanRead more

Enough is enough

6 April 2017

For quite some time the question on many lips has been just how much more pain are underwriters prepared to take?Read more

In the limelight

17 March 2017

Dear fac-ster, we're all still getting used to the political earthquakes that have been taking place on both sides of the AtlanticRead more

Bad-boy bounce

6 March 2017

Just when you think the industry has become insufferably over-regulated and actuaralised, along comes a bad-boy broking story to restore one's faith in all the nefarious practices of the reinsurance market of yesteryearRead more

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